About ENZO Jeans

The Brand

 After great demand of the ENZO jeans initially produced in 2009, Raw Indigo decided to create its first ever ENZO site in 2015.

We are the place to shop for men’s fast fashion, targeting the increasing demand for innovative, trendy yet affordable jeans.

 From the very early steps of the production until the final release of our products our attention to details is key.

With over 50 years of experience in the denim industry, we aim is to inspire the fashion-conscious individual with a diverse range of products.

 Predominantly originating from a jeans background, ENZO has gain immense growth and popularity through our jeans, jackets, t-shirts and shorts and specialising in our fantastic line of boy’s jeans (ages 1-14).

We are a global online retailer shipping worldwide with great deals, international offers and the best customer service to fulfil all your needs.

The Target

 Fashion-conscious young people, who are aware of the latest trends characterises ENZO public; they are cultured, enjoy travelling and are big techies.

 Product lines

 Clothes are more than just things we wear; they are a fantastic method of self-expression. The diverse selection of jeans available at ENZO provides you with the perfect selection of jeans to express yourself.

Styles available:

These jeans can be paired with various shirts and outerwear to form different outfits, appropriate for different occasions. Jeans pair brilliantly with multiple different types of shirts, from graphic t-shirts to ‘going out shirts’. When creating a new outfit, a great pair of jeans is a reliable friend you can count on.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At ENZO we take corporate responsibility very seriously: we are careful with our production techniques and try to preserve the world around us.

We also cooperate with suppliers to improve working and environmental standards.

 WE LOVE AND RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT: all our older collections are donated to charity to avoid pollution.



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