Easter Style- Perfect for Jeans Lovers

Easter Style- Perfect for Jeans Lovers

It’s fair to say that people love jeans, however with so many different styles it can be difficult to decide what type of jeans you should wear. Take advantage of the many men’s jeans offers available at Enzo Jeans, and look great this Easter!


There Are So Many Different Styles To Choose From!


Jeans are an important item of clothing for many men. Its really important you find a style that looks great on you and feels comfortable. With such a large selection of men’s jeans offers to browse, how do you know which style is right for you?

Here are five tips to help you choose your next new pair of jeans!


  1. Men’s Skinny Jeans; Are Skinny Jeans Dead?

There a lot of debate between the on-going popularity of skinnies. The answer to the question often depends on whoever is wearing them; for a lot of men, skinny jeans are very much alive!

If you enjoy wearing skinny fitting jeans, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the style and fit. Skinny styles have been popular for many years, from glam rock stars in the ‘70s to the new alternative scene of the ‘00s and the current decade. There are numerous different styles and outfits in which you can enjoy skinny jeans, so unleash your inner rock star and grab a pair of skinny distressed jeans such as this fantastic pair of rip & repaired blue acid jeans!

  1. Men’s Stretch Jeans; Is Stretch The Future?

One complaint many people have about skinny jeans is that they don’t have enough flexibility. Whilst some people enjoy tighter fitting jeans, they would definitely like some more freedom in the movement of their denim. With stretch fitting jeans, you can enjoy a tighter fit in your jeans but also enjoy the feeling of freedom that stretch jeans can provide.

Stretch jeans are a fantastic choice in many different styles, you can enjoy a smart casual look with a shirt and some dress shoes, maybe add a blazer/sport coat for extra style. Or you can go the alternative rock route with these stretch black wash jeans, grab a pair of boots or canvas shoes; throw on a band tee and a denim or leather jacket for a fantastic look to wear at the local rock bar!

  1. Men’s Slim Jeans; Is Slim Fit The New Straight Fit?

For years straight fit or straight cut jeans ruled supreme as the favourite style for many men. Today many men probably have a pair of straight cut jeans somewhere in their wardrobe.

However, with the return of skinny jeans a few years ago, slim fit jeans have increased in popularity. These jeans are fantastic when you want to add a touch of smartness to your casual outfits, instead of a pair of relaxed regular jeans with a casual t-shirt, how about this outfit?

A pair of mid stonewash slim fit jeans with black or brown shoes and a plain white tee will give you a great casual outfit. This outfit would be fantastic for brunch, meeting with friends or perhaps casual Friday at work when the office dress code is a bit more relaxed.

  1. Men’s Combat Jeans; Slim Or Skinny Not For You? No Problem!

Slim and skinny styles aren’t right for every man, we are all unique and we should all have our own style. If you are searching for looser fitting jeans, combat jeans are a fantastic choice.

You don’t just get extra legroom with combat jeans; you also get extra pocket space. This extra space is fantastic for physical activities. You can keep a small bottle of water and a pocket map in your pockets, put on a jacket, a pair of walking boots and go outside for a walk.

Combat jeans aren’t just for the physically active; they can also look great when worn for casual occasions. Wear these dark wash cargo combat jeans with a pair of trainers/sneakers, put on your favourite hoodie and you have a great casual outfit, perfect for relaxing.

  1. Men’s Regular Jeans; A Must Have For Any Man’s Wardrobe

Regular jeans; they are a reliable friend for many men. If you can’t decide between a slim or relaxed fit, go for regular jeans!

Regular style jeans are very versatile. You can wear a pair of regular jeans at the bar, at work (if your dress code allows jeans) or just lounging around the house at home. Grab two pairs of regular jeans, a dark pair like these black regular fit jeans, and a blue pair like these midwash jeans. With these two pairs of jeans, you can create numerous different outfits, from smart casual outfits with shirts and blazers to casual outfits with a t-shirt and jacket.

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