Our Best DIY Pancake Recipe

Our Best DIY Pancake Recipe

Our Best DIY Pancake Recipe


Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is coming up fast so it’s time to perfect your pancake flipping skills!

Everyone loves golden brown pancakes, crisp and freshly cooked and at Enzo jeans, we know there’s no need to waste money on expensive pancake mixes. They are really cheap and easy to make yourself with just a few store cupboard ingredients. Whether you like yours with the traditional lemon and sugar or prefer to indulge in strawberry jam, Nutella or even fresh blueberries, they taste so good, you’ll be making them all year round!

Traditional Pancakes Recipe

This recipe makes about 12 small pancakes. They are so delicious eaten straight from the pan that everyone will be queuing up for more.

It’s easiest to use a small non-stick frying pan or omelet pan with a base of about 18-20 cm for these pancakes as the batter will spread too much in a larger one.


120g plain flour
Pinch of salt
2 large eggs
275 ml milk
2 tablespoons butter, melted
Extra butter for cooking the pancakes

To serve: lemon slices and caster sugar


  • Sieve the flour and salt into a large basin and make a well in the center.
  • Break the eggs into the well and gradually start to whisk them up, incorporating the flour as you go. Use an electric whisk or a traditional balloon whisk, either is fine.
  • Gradually add the milk, whisking very thoroughly to ensure that no lumps of flour remain.
  • Scrape down the edges and base of the bowl to check that no flour is left behind, then give the mixture a final whisk - it should now be easy to pour and the consistency of single cream.

When you are ready to start cooking, add the melted butter to the pancake batter and mix thoroughly.To cook the pancakes, your pan needs to be very hot and greased with a little piece of butter (you will need to do this before cooking each pancake). Now, add a couple of tablespoonsful of batter to the hot pan and swirl it around so that it covers the base. It should be quite thin. Cook for about 1 minute then lift one side with a spatula to check whether it’s browning: now it’s time to turn the pancake over!

To turn a pancake in the traditional way, gently shake the pan to make sure the pancake is not stuck to the base. Holding the pan at arm’s length, give a sharp upward jerk to the handle and the pancake should flip over in mid-air, settling back into the pan with the uncooked side down. Cook for a further minute or so until nice and golden.

Of course, you can also play safe and turn your pancakes with a spatula! Even easier, if you make your pancakes really thin, they will cook through without any need to turn them over - just roll them up so that the paler side is not visible. To serve, sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice and enjoy.

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